Saturday, 19 February 2022

SYW French - Regiment du Roi

Introducing the freshly recruited (painted and based) 28mm Front Rank figures depicting the 1st battalion of the Regiment du Roi. The purist will note that I have not painted the orange-red lace on the coats that the historical unit had. This was because it would have been too time consuming and I wasn't confident that I would make a decent job of it.The thing I like most about this unit is the superb flags by GMB Flags. Keep up the good work in producing these, Grahame! There will be a 2nd battalion to fight along side them in due course. When I saw that Front Rank was up for sale, I stocked up on packs of French, British and Hanoverian units so I could complete my project just in case the lines were discontinued. Lucky I did, as the take over by Gripping Beast took way longer than predicted.
Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Good old Front Rank...still one of my favourite ranges, although I don't have any SYW figures, unless you count a few FIW units. These Frenchies look very businesslike in their simple but elegant attire.

  2. C'est magnifique monsieur!👍👍