Friday 14 October 2022

Messing about in the Mess

Just a short update on my pottering around in the Mess over the last couple of months. I've finally managed to get the superb painting by Christa Hook framed and mounted that I bought from her in January. Christa was commissioned by Helion & Company to paint the illustration of an Irish Militiaman for the front cover of my latest book, 'Rebellion, Invasion and Occupation: The British Army in Ireland, 1793-1815.' It now takes pride of place next to one of my figure cabinets. The other photos are of some minor projects that I've fitted in between painting up larger units. These include a second-hand Front Rank SYW British cavalry mounted officer which was given to me painted as a Bavarian, a Front Rank mounted Duke of Monmouth which I've painted as a Jacobite general for my 1690 campaign in Ireland, along with my version of the Duke of Cumberland and staff which will be my command base for the British '45 and War of Austrian Succession campaigns. Other photos are of an American Plains War 7th Cavalry Gatling gun and crew. I picked this up at the annual Christchurch wargaming swapmeet last year as I always wanted a Gatling gun...although I'm not sure where I'm going to use it. I've currently got von Bose's Hessians under the brush for AWI games, but these will also double for SYW stuff as well. The Scottish/ Irish Pele tower and barmkin is not far off completion, so hopefully this will be the subject of my next posted
Until next time!