Thursday 31 May 2012

SYW - Die Kriegskunst

Last weekend we had a special guest at the Mess in Chris Packer, a North Island wargamer who has transferred to Christchurch from Upper Hutt. Chris has a massive collection of Napoleonic and SYW figures and kindly offered to put on a game using the Die Kriegskunst rules (try saying that in mixed company with a few beers on board!) created by Angus Konstam and the Edingburgh Wargaming group. A couple of the other Southern Strategists came along and a convivial Sunday afternnoon of wargaming and jovial banter was had by all. We were all impressed with how well the rules played, giving a fast and bloody result. We only used a fraction of Chris's SYW collection in a small game that saw an Austrian force defending a town against a Prussian force of equal size. A hard task for the Prussians, especially when the cavalry on their right flank routed and the attack on their left flank suffered heavy casualties. However, one Prussian battalion managed to force its way into the town before the Prussian commander conceded that he had insufficient forces left to win the action. Great fun was had by all and hopefully this will be the first of many such games with Chris.
Prussian jagers

Prussian fusiliers

Prussian fusilier command

Austrian commander, Gavin Bowden (left), contemplates his defence while  Chris Packer and Dave Houston (right) plan the Prussian attack. Seamus Stack (foreground) proved an able subordinate of his father who commanded the Austrian right flank.

The Austrian left flank 

Two Austrian battalions held the town

A view of the town from the Prussian lines

Old Fritz himself with his senior commanders

An Austrian German battalion prepared to defend the town
The Prussian cavalry (commanded by Chris) brigade (in blue) charging the Austrian  cavalry

Dave's Prussian infantry launch an attack on the Austrian right flank

Cavalry melee

The first Prussian musketeer battalion decimated by Austrian  artillery and musketry

The Austrian right flank ready to receive the Prussians

The Prussian centre advancing on the town

"The way is forward, mein kinder!'

The Austrian centre defending a road  

The Prussians attempting to turn the Austrian right flank, now minus a destroyed musketeer battalion  
The Prussian cavalry on their right have been repulsed 

Any chance of a Prussian victory relies on victory in the centre 

Mein Gott! The Prussian cavalry are routing!

Prussian grenadier battalions are given the job of taking the town

Before the exchange of musketry

The Prussians charge in on the Austrian right flank

The Austrian musketeer battalion falls back, leaving it to the grenadiers and artillery to hold the flank  

The Prussians moving forward while receiving flanking fire from the town

A Prussian fusilier battalion charging the artillery
Where did those Prussian fusiliers go?...Shot to bits by the canister of the Austrian guns

The Prussians now don't have enough strength to turn the Austrian flank

The Prussian attack succeeds in forcing an Austrian battalion to withdraw 

A Prussian grenadier battalion forces its way into the town  while  a musketeer battalion is in melee with a Hungarian battalion  

The Prussian hopes of victory are dashed as the Austrian left flank prepares to  get behind the exposed Prussian centre 
The victorious Austrian high command breathes a sigh of relief and prepares to celebrate at the local  tavern

Bavarians in Austrian service

A battalion of Austrian light troops

An Austrian Hungarian musketeer battalion

An Austrian musketeer battalion on the march

The successful Austrian cavalry brigade commander, Graf Von Bowden  

Austrian dragoons

Superbly painted Front Rank Prussian musketeers