Tuesday 19 June 2018

SYW French Gendarmes and Chevaux-legers Guard Cavalry

Continuing on building up my SYW French force, the latest painting project to be finished was my combined Gendarmes and Chevaux-legers Guard cavalry unit using 28 mm Front Rank figures. Historically they were two separate companies of  19 officers and 200 troopers each. Members of both units were expected to be of good birth and income, and most were recruited from the landed gentry class. Originally I had intended on painting the whole unit as Gendarmes, but decided to represent the combined companies as one unit after securing another trumpeter for the Chevaux-legers.
The combined unit with the Gendarmes in the front line

Officers wore black waste-coats to distinguish themselves from the lavishly dressed troopers

Both companies dressed similar. The main distinctions being black cockade in the hats of the Gendarmes, while the Chevaux-legers wore white cockades

The trumpeters of the Gendarmes dressed in red coats, black cuffs and gold lace

The trumpeters of the Chevaux-legers wore the king's livery with a mixture of gold and silver lace

The rear of the Chevaux-legers showing their distinctive flag...another reason to represent both companies

In both companies the officers and trumpeters rode greys, while the troopers rode bays

Another distinctive feature of the dress of these units was that they wore small feathers on the brim of their hats

A rear view of the Gendarmes showing their lavishly gold embroidered standard. These flags are by GMB Flags
    I know these companies only saw limited active service during the SYW, but I love their uniforms and just had to include them in my French force. Most likely I'll hold them in reserve for saving the day in desperate times or inflicting the coup de grace on their beaten foe.

Until next time!