Saturday 15 June 2019

D-Day bash at the Redwood Redoubt

In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, fellow Southern Strategist, Gavin 'Reginald Ogilvie VC' Bowden, hosted a Normandy 1944 bash at the Redwood Redoubt on Labour Weekend (NZ time). Gav played the role of umpire, while the fighting was conducted by two other Southern Strategists (Chris Packer and Dave 'Three Pies' Houston) and Gav's two young sons-in-law. Apparently it was a prerequisite that they had to become wargamers before Gav would allow them to marry his daughters. My role was to act as military photographer. This was a day-long event and I left before the conclusion, but things weren't going too well for the defending Germans, who I suspect ran out of heavy fire-power by the end of the game. Congratulations must go to Gav for hosting such a well-presented game and the photos provide proof of this.

Gav explaining the finer rule details to the combatants...probably more like adjudicating.

A bit of sole searching going on here. The young son-in-law strategically remaining some distance from Gav. 

The beers are out, so the two sons-in-law (extreme left and extreme right) will be fine now.

A British Sherman on attack. Note the New Zealand 'Lemon Squeezer' worn by the tank commander. Quite surprising really, as the NZ Division were fighting in Italy at this time.

Dave 'Three Pies" Houston digging into his rations after losing a couple of armoured vehicles while defending the town. Note he is wearing the standard issue black German Armoured jersey. 

Gav was either recovering from a late night here, or saying 'Oh, F..K!' at seeing some poor dice throwing.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing the game.

Until next time!