Saturday 26 September 2020

FIW 40mm Trident Figures

 Last week it was my turn to chose a period for the Southern Strategists League of Gentlemen Wargamers' fortnightly game. A couple of our members, Dave 'Tex' Houston and the venerable Chris Packer, had recently painted up some FIW 40mm Trident figures and, as this is one of my favourite periods, I thought it would be good to see how they performed. Trident are now produced in Wellington, New Zealand, and for once those Kiwis looking to buy some won't have to pay excessive postage that we normally have to when buying figures from the US and the UK. We used 'Rebels and Patriots' rules for this skirmish game and these provided a bloody encounter that was decided within a couple of hours...ideal for an evening club game.

British infantry

The Last of the Mohican characters

The British force that came second in the skirmish and which were decimated by French fire when crossing open ground. Poor dice throwing on my part didn't help things much. 

The dreaded Indian allies of the French. Very potent in outflanking regular troops and hard to kill.

The French commander...the officer in grey.

British light infantry

American Provincials. They held the right flank and were destroyed by the indians. 

Highland troops in campaign dress.

Chris's Regiment de la Reine (the Queen's Regiment)

French Compagnie Franches de la Marine

The indians about to destroy the provincials on the right flank.

British grenadiers

The scene during the last move of the game, with the indians having wiped out the provincials and a company of regulars before attacking the British centre.

A lone British sentry preparing to defend the fort (which played no part in the scenario). The fort was scratch-built by Rodger Wood of Rebel Barracks fame.

So not a great result for me regarding how the game went for the British, but certainly a fun time playing the period with some superb figures. I have certainly been inspired to get some myself.
Checkout the Trident website if you are interested in buying some.

Until next time!   


Sunday 20 September 2020

 After a month or two of intermittent painting I am pleased to introduce the 1st battalion of the Regiment de Guyenne as the latest infantry unit to join my SYW/ FIW French army. The Front Rank figures were easy to paint and a splash of Citadel Fleshshade gives some definition to the faces. The flags are from GMB Flags.

The sergeant on the right pointing at the enemy is one of my favourite poses in the French SYW range

The royal livery of the drummers isn't quite right, but it was easier to leave some lace off 

Note the grenadiers with moustaches on the left. I had to order these separately as they are not included in the battalion packs

The colour I used for the coats was Vallejo Game Color Ghost Grey and I think it's not a bad representation of what I think the regular French infantry coats may have looked like. I'm sure others may disagree, but I'm happy with it.

  I have another French infantry unit undercoated and ready for some colour. It will probably represent the Dauphin's regiment as it's regimental standard is superb. At this stage all of my regiments are only represented with one battalion, but my thinking is to include two or three regiments having two battalions and having them fighting together, as was historically correct for campaigns in the European theatre. Anyway, it's back to the painting table while my painting 'mojo' hasn't run out.

Thanks for taking a look.

Until next time!