Wednesday 4 September 2019

Peninsular 28mm Sharpe's Practice game

 Recently the Southern Strategists put on a 28mm Peninsula Sharpe's Practice game to refresh ourselves with the rules. We all like the period and the semi-skirmish type rules make for a playable game time-wise for Wednesday nights when we meet once a fortnight. This game also gave me an opportunity to give my freshly painted, superbly sculptured, Brigade Games 'Sharpe' character figures their first taste of combat. The scenario involved a band of Spanish guerrillas defending a town from a French force, while waiting for support to arrive from British regulars. Ultimately, the French were able to gain a foothold in the town by seeing off the guerrillas, but couldn't dislodge the British regulars who arrived just in time as the depleted and demoralized guerrilla band were running off to avoid the French bayonets. Although the French had the slight upper hand, as a commander on the British side, I was happy to accept a draw as the French had suffered more casualties which rightly balanced things least in my mind.
The village of Buenos Chichotas under attack from the French. The guerrillas had done a runner at this point. 

The defending Spanish guerrillas (left) fighting it out over control of the church with the first French unit to enter the village.  

What was left of the Spanish guerrilla band, now led by Father Ted Crillyjoz, retreating from the village in haste. 

The Royal Artillery in action. It certainly played a significant role in the high French casualty rate.

Sharpe and his Chosen Men putting their Baker rifles to good use in the orchard on the left flank of the village. They were eventually forced to withdraw slightly to prevent being outflanked when the Spanish fled.

The French approaching the town early in the engagement.

Sharpe and Co. making their way into the town to support the Spanish. This superb village was scratch-built some years ago by Rodger Wood of  'Rebel Barracks' blog fame.

The dastardly French coming on 'in the same old style.' Superb Front Rank figures in marching order.

Sgt Obadiah Hakeswill leading a company on the left flank of the British line. This figure was converted by Rodger Wood.

Sharpe entering the village through the main gate, followed by Sgt Harper.

The Spanish guerrilla commander, El Moustachio, encouraging his men in the defence of the village. He would pay the ultimate price before the battle was over. A mixture of Front Rank and Brigade games figures.

The Spanish defending the buildings at the edge of the village. They put up a gallant fight, but realistically were never going to match the discipline and fire power of the French regulars.

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