Thursday 21 May 2020

Post-Lockdown 28mm ACW clash at the Mess

In celebration of surviving (at this stage) the COVID-19 lockdown here in New Zealand the Southern Strategists held a 28mm American Civil War clash at the Mess during this week. It was my turn to select what game and scale the game would be, so I decided on hosting an ACW game in recognition of the armies I had rebased over the lockdown. These had been damaged from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake Christchurch suffered in 2010 and to my shame I hadn't 'refitted' them until recently. I was also inspired from starting to read Shelby Foote's history of the war during the lockdown...although working from home ensured I didn't get as much reading as intended. I tried to keep the scenario simple and balanced so that the game could reach a conclusion within our time frame while giving both sides a chance to secure a victory: It's early 1862 and McClellan has sent a reconnaissance force south along the Manassas Turnpike to probe the Rebel defences. The force consisted of three brigades of infantry (consisting of three regiments), one regiment of cavalry, along with a battery of horse artillery. The Confederate force holding a small hamlet and crossroads along the turnpike consisted of two small small brigades of infantry (2 regiments each) and two entrenched batteries of artillery. A regiment of cavalry were also operating in the area and available to support the defence.
I thought the occasion required a special treat and it seemed to go down well with the lads. There wasn't a drop left by the end of hostilities.  

The lads ready to commence battle after a wee dram to warm them up. The Rebels were defending the hamlet on the left, while the Federals were advancing from the right.
Dixon Miniatures Union infantry advancing across one of my newly-acquired 'Killing Fields' terrain mats. This was the first opportunity I had to test them out  and thought they worked well at this scale or larger. The mats are actually a greener colour than what the camera has recorded.  

Looking along the Confederate defensive line.
The gabion baskets provide much needed hard cover for the Rebs defending the crossroads. I was also happy for the chance to use my newly created Rebel encampment in the background.  

The Federals advance across the open fields and with good dice throwing managed to push back the Rebel right flank.
The Confederate commanders, Rodger Wood (of Rebel Barracks blog fame) and the venerable Chris Packer, looking somewhat concerned at the situation...mainly due to poor dice throwing on their part! 

A Union infantry brigade advances on the Rebel right flank, supported by a regiment of dismounted cavalry further to the right.

A Confederate cavalry regiment (yet to be rebased) gallops to the sound of the guns in the hope of threatening the Union left flank. But alas, the Union battery of  horse artillery sees them off before they had a chance of crossing the bridge.

The Union cavalry and infantry advancing towards the Rebel left flank early in the game.
 With the Confederate right flank forced to retreat from the town due to heavy casualties, the position became untenable and the troops holding the left flank were forced to withdraw. So, a victory for the Union...but I'm sure the Confederates are already planning their revenge.

Until next time!

Saturday 2 May 2020

Great Northern War bash

A week or so before we went into lockdown in NZ the Southern Strategists had a Great Northern War game hosted in the Peter Gilder Lounge by the venerable Chris Packer at his abode here in Christchurch. For various reasons we only got part way through the game before we called it a night, not least due to the humour and banter that proliferated throughout the evening. However, I did manage to secure some images of the mainly Ebor Miniatures that make up Chris's collection and thought I should share them on my blog.
A Russian general leading his brigade on an attack against Swedes holding a village crossroad. 

Russian artillery firing at the Swedish troops defending the crossroads.

The Russian right flank attacking the Swedish left flank 

More Russians

A column of Swedish reinforcements moving towards the village. 

The Swedish held village under threat from Russian cavalry approaching from the right flank in the distance. A brigade of Swedish cavalry looking to stem the Russian attack. 

Swedish reinforcements and supplies moving toward the village. 

Swedish infantry defending the village.

Swedish infantry defending the left flank. I had command of these blokes and they did manage to engage with the enemy before time was called.

Russians infantry advancing on their right flank.

Russian infantry advancing on their left flank and having taken a few casualties for their Tsar.

These were superbly painted  armies and I look forward to gaming with them again once the blokes can get back together again.

Thanks for taking a look.

Until next time!


Friday 1 May 2020

28mm ACW Federal camp

Following on from producing the Confederate camp site, I've now finished off the Federal camp, again using Renedra plastic tents and Perry Miniature figures. This one is a bit more stark compared to the Rebel camp in that I've chosen not to include a tree in this diorama. I read somewhere a few years ago that the Confederates liked to camp adjacent to or within wooded areas, while the Feds preferred more open area for their camp sites. Whether this is true or not, that's the reason I added a tree to the Rebs' camp and not to this one. 
The Federal camp that follows the same layout as the Rebel camp in a previous post.  

I wanted to make the camp fire the focal point for these dioramas.

I particularly like the figure cooking steaks in a fry pan over the fire. The fire comes as part of the plastic tent set.

I still have some spare tents, so these will be used to create a couple of small camps for picquets or to place within fortifications. All I have to do now is finish off re-basing my two AW armies so I can put them to good use on the gaming table.

Thanks for taking a look.

Until next time!