Sunday 22 October 2017

SYW French Cavalry

Despite my last post being way back in June, that doesn't mean that there's been no action in the Mess over the last few months. In fact, I've been quite productive in painting up new units and 'tarting up' some existing terrain pieces. I've had a session photographing these recently, so you can expect a regular dispatch arriving over the next few weeks. This dispatch regards a regiment of French line cavalry for my SYW project.

A generic French line cavalry regiment using 25 mm Dixon Miniatures

I had originally intended these to represent the Orleans Regiment but I couldn't find the right flag for it, so I've used a generic GMB French cavalry standard instead.

These aren't my favourite figures and are a bit smaller than my preferred Front Rank units, but once painted and mounted they blend in ok with the rest of my French army.

  The next French cavalry unit currently 'under the brush' is the Gendarme de la Guard. These are Front Rank figures and, with all the raised detail provided, are proving quite easy to paint.

Until next time!