Saturday 24 February 2018

AWI 28mm Hessians - Rall's Grenadier Regiment & terrain

Continuing with the project of 'tarting' up my new second-hand Hessian force; below is the first of the grenadier units to have facing changes and be re-based. This unit of Wargames Foundry figures is my interpretation of Rall's Regiment of Grenadiers for the American War of Independence. I know that Don Troiani depicts the grenadier mitre differently from how I've painted mine, but I decided to follow the colours portrayed from earlier artists (primarily because I liked the look of the red bag). As far as I know, Rall's regiment within the Hessian force in the American colonies was the only regiment totally designated as grenadiers, and not an ad-hoc collection of grenadier companies from various regiments that was a common practice during that war. However, I have another grenadier regiment that is almost finished that will break with historical correctness to became another unit to totally comprise of grenadiers. This is really due to laziness on my part, as the original owner had painted these well and I couldn't be bothered to repaint facings and mitres for four different regiments.

The flags are from GMB Flags

Note the red bag for the mitres. There are several sources that differ as to the colour of the bag and rear head band.

    I've also been painting up several of the superb gabion basket terrain pieces by Tabletop-Art that I purchased from Mighty Ape. IMHO, these are the best depiction of gabion basket defences that I've found....and reasonably priced as well. From memory, they cost about $18 NZ and the detail made them very easy to paint. They will prove very versatile and I can use them for many periods.

Thanks for having a look!

Until next time.