Sunday 12 April 2015

My last Anzac figures

There is less than a week to go before the grand opening of the Great War Exhibition at the Dominion Museum in Wellington. Over the past two weeks a group of volunteer wargamers have been tirelessly working with Alan and Michael Perry, along with the staff from Weta Workshop, in piecing together a massive diorama of the battle for Chunuk Bair at Gallipoli in August 1915. Included in the diorama are some figures that I had the privilege of painting up for the project, although I doubt I will able to identify mine among the 5,000 other figures when I visit the exhibit. Check out the 'Mustering the Troops' blog for reports from Roly Hermans of the work done over the last two weeks.

Here are my last batch to be painted up. I love the pose of these Anzacs which I had to individually wrap in bubble-wrap to protect them in transit from Christchurch to Wellington.
Absolutely stunning sculpting by the Perrys and I'm keen to buy some of these figures if they are ever reproduced for public purchase.

I painted the brass hat badges and buttons on the webbing but I doubt anyone will see such detail when the figures are on display 

Fellow Southern Strategist, Dave Houston, was a bit behind in reaching his quota but managed to paint 35 figures in two days! A massive effort.