Saturday 29 August 2015

Galmoy's Horse - Jacobite cavalry in Ireland 1690

I finished painting this cavalry regiment about a month ago but only just got around to photographing it this week. It's the second unit I've completed for my army of James II in Ireland and I'm half way through a dismounted unit of dragoons. These figures are all Front Rank and I chose to paint up Galmoy's Horse first as I was inspired by the same unit in the Front Rank web site gallery. I also decided to depict the regiment with figures with swords and pistols to make the regiment look less regulated compared to armies of the 18th century. The flag is from Warfare Miniatures who provide a great selection of flags for regiments of both Williamite and Jacobite forces in Ireland and Scotland. These flags are much larger than the GMB flags that I traditionally use, but are of equal quality IMHO. The foliage was made by the most-talented Rodger Wood from our Southern Strategists group.        

I decided to paint the commander in the same coat colour as the rest of the regiment, although many officers of grey-coated regiments were recorded as wearing red coats with red cuffs.
Until next time!