Friday 31 December 2021

SYW French Infantry Regiment du Dauphin

Well, the end of the year has arrived and it has certainly been interesting around the world. Sadly, many people have lost loved ones and the pandemic has affected all of us in some way. The silver lining to the lockdowns is that there have been more opportunities to delve into our hobby. That said, I still didn't get as much painting done as I had planned. I am slowly building up a couple of 28 mm SYW armies to fight each other in the Western theatre in Germany. The attached images are of the last unit I completed in 2021...the first battalion of the Regiment du Dauphin.
The figures are Front Rank and the superb flags are from GMB. Wishing everyone a safe and happy 2022. Until next time.

Tuesday 21 December 2021

New book - British Army in Ireland, 1793-1815

I'm very proud to announce that my latest book, 'Rebellion, Invasion and Occupation: The British Army in Ireland, 1793-1815,' (published by Helion and Company in the UK) has finally been released. Covid has certainly played a part in the delay, but hopefully readers will find it interesting and that it fills a gap in the historiography of the period. It's based on my MA thesis, but minus all the academic argument which would have bored the general reader. Helion have done a great job with the maps and Christa Hook has made a superb job of the cover artwork...which I have managed to purchase off her to adorn a wall in my wargaming room, 'The Mess.' In the appendices I've also added orders of battle for the main engagements, along with uniform details for the Irish Militia, yeomanry and fencibles. For those interested, it can be purchased online directly from Helion and Company (, or via the Book Depository or Amazon. It appears that W.H. Smith will also be stocking it for High Street purchasing in the UK.