Friday 4 March 2022

Lighting up the Mess

Inspired by a post by the venerable Roly Hermans on his 'Dressing the Lines' blog, I recently decided to try lighting up one of my figure cabinets in the Mess. I thought this would be cheap enough to begin with as each strip of LED light was only about $20 NZ from Mitre 10 Hardware. However, because of the configuration of the cabinet, it turned out to be a bit more expensive than planned. I ended up needing 6 strips, but I'm happy with the result. It means I can now see all the figures when I need to, especially during the dark months of the impending southern hemisphere winter. I was surprised as to how many figures I have been able to display in the cabinet when I laid them out on my gaming table. It also gave me an opportunity re-organise how my various armies are displayed. This cabinet houses my Napoleonic, SYW/FIW and AWI forces. I might wait a bit before lighting up my second'll give my long-suffering wife time to recover after I revealed what it cost.
Until next time!

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