Wednesday, 16 February 2022

FIW 60th (Royal American) Foot in 28mm

Another purchase from the swap meet here in Christchurch late last year was a 12-figure skirmish unit for the French and Indian War that I've painted up as the 60th (Royal American) Foot. These figures are by Blue Moon and are the first I've had from this company. The unit was quite quick to paint as I didn't have to both about any lace, apart from the officer and the cocked hats. It turns out that these figures were originally purchased by one of my mates from the Southern Strategist League of Gentlemen Wargamers (the venerable Chris Packer)...along with all my other purhchases that day. What I particularly like about these blokes is the dynamic poses which had some realism. One of the figures came minus it's musket, so I attached a pistol to him to ensure he had a weapon to take on the dreaded French and their indian allies.
Thanks for taking a look!

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