Sunday 17 July 2022

SYW/ FIW French 2nd Battalion of the Guyenne Regiment

I'm currently building up my SYW/ FIW French force to use in both the European and American campaigns of the Seven Years War, as well as the War of Austrian Succession. The 2nd Battalion of the Guyenne Regiment is the latest unit to be recruited. I've decided to paint up a second battalion for a few of the regiments I already have to brigade them together as was the norm during the campaigns in Europe. Plus, a lot of the second battalions fought in America during the FIW, so I can cover both units that fought on both sides of the Atlantic. I had already painted up the grenadier stand for this unit a few weeks ago to be part of the composite grenadier battalion that I've put together...although for some reason I had a spare grenadier figure, so I've added him to parent unit. The raggered frontier stockade in the background was built by the talented Rodger Wood, another member of the Southern Strategists here in Christchurch.
Until next time.