Tuesday 27 September 2022

Irish Jacobite foot regiment- de Boisseleau's Regiment 1690

Introducing the freshly recruited de Boisseleau's Regiment of Foot for my Jacobite force to fight against William of Orange in Ireland. These superb Front Rank figures (now sold by Gripping Beast Miniatures) were so easy to paint and full of detail. The flags are by Warfares Miniatures who specialise in providing flags from the Williamite Wars. The reason I chose to paint up this regiment was that I wanted another unit in the grey uniform supplied by the French, but also because I had a paternal ancestor who served as an ensign in Fitzgerald's company of the regiment...another example of my ancestors having a habit of fighting on the losing side.The next unit will be Sir Maurice Eustace's Regiment of Foot in red coats with yellow facings, which also had some maternal ancestors serving in it...but that's another story for the future.
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