Saturday 2 July 2022

SYW British Grenadiers and others

Lately I've been pottering around painting up a couple of stands here and there as quick side projects from painting battalions ans regiments. I've just finshed painting a couple of stands of SYW/FIW Front Rank British grenadiers. Now that they are done it means I can finally field a battalion of grenadiers using stands from units I've already 'recruited.' You can get an idea of how long this has taken me to do by comparing the different painting styles used on the faces. I never used a wash on the first lot and used to paint in the eyes...seems crazy now. I've also included some images of single figures from Front Rank and Warlord Games that were quick to paint up. I particularly like the Indian chief figure on the rock.
Thanks for taking a look. Until next time...

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