Saturday 11 June 2022

SYW 28mm 6th Inniskilling Dragoons

Introducing the latest regiment to be recruited from my painting table. I painted these dragoons as the 6th Inniskilling, but they could fill in as a generic yellow-faced dragoon regiment if required. These figures are from the superb new Flags of War '45 Jacobite Rebellion range that will be familiar to those interested in wargaming this era. I really like the dynamic poses that the range provides, which is a nice change from the two Front Rank dragoons units I have. I have cheated a bit by using a GMB Flags royal standard from the 10th (Cobham's) Dragoons as they have the same facing colour...but you would have to have a bionic eye to see the difference on the gaming table. I have also splashed out on some British infantry from their range which I've undercoated ready for them to take their place on the painting production line. Thanks for taking a look.
Until next time.

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