Thursday 21 December 2017

Odds and ends

Now and again it's nice to have a break from painting up big units and take time out to finally paint the odds and sods that have been sitting in your 'extras' box for months or even years. Fellow Southern Strategist, Geoff  Martin, gave me a hand-full of figures that were surplus to his requirements that fall into this category and I thought it rude if  I didn't get around to painting them.
The first were a couple of well-known Perry AWI Hessian jagers; with the officer being modelled on the famous Captain Ewald. I didn't have a command stand for my Front Rank Hessian jager unit, so this stand will fit in nicely.

Some of the Southern Strategists are toying with the idea of dabbling in a Scottish Border Reivers project over the next year or two. This would be played at skirmish level and should only need each player to paint up a force of 20-30 mixed mounted and foot figures. I've always wanted to try my hand at building a fortified Pele tower as a side project, so this fits right in with the group's plan.
Geoff gave me three spare Wargames Foundry figures from their Elizabethan Pirate range that will double up as part of my Scottish Reiver force. I'm still to decide what other figure brand to use for the rest of the force, but I think Perrys' Moss Troopers from their ECW range will probably count for the mounted reivers.

Wishing you all a relaxing Christmas and hope Santa brings you plenty of figures to paint in 2018.

Until next time!     


  1. Wonderful minis, love the Jâgers vignette....and Merry Christmas!