Sunday 31 December 2017

Hovels 25mm ACW/AWI barn

As a continuation of the revamp of my 25mm Hovels buildings, the attached photos are of my ACW/ AWI barn which I have recently adapted with a small coral. This was a fairly simple project which only required a 3mm sheet of MDF for the base, a length of round dowel for the fence posts, match sticks for the planks and PVA to glue it all together. The most expensive item was the Woodland Scenic tree that I added to give more depth to the completed project.

The foliage was once again supplied by Rodger Wood of Rebel Barracks fame. There are a couple of touch-ups required to the base, but overall I'm pretty happy how this turned out, especially the little gate that I made for it. This is my last completed project for 2017 but I have a couple more near completion which I hope to finish over the festive season holidays. Best wishes to you all for 2018!

Until next time.