Saturday 11 November 2017

Based & painted Hovels buildings

Recently I decided to base my terrain pieces to enhance the look of the models on the gaming table. I reckon basing them will also help protect them from getting knocked around too much. The models below are from Hovels, a well-known and popular supplier of wargaming terrain, and I'm sure many gamers will have these in their collections. I've had these 28mm models painted for a while and a couple need some touching up with a brush, but I think the basing with the foliage has certainly added something to their look. 

28mm church from the European collection

28mm mansion from the North American collection, suitable for both AWI and ACW gaming

28mm Virginia farm house based on the one Stonewall Jackson died in in 1863  

28mm generic church suitable for AWI and ACW games

No sign of Colonel Tavington and his Loyalist Green Dragoons attempting to burn this church down
I've still got a few models to base up, but that job can wait until the Christmas holidays.

Until next time!