Saturday 12 November 2016

Earl of Antrim's Foot and Tyrconnel's Horse regiments

I'm a bit late posting the photos of these freshly painted Jacobite units as they have already seen action twice over the last few weeks; first in a practice game at the Mess leading up to our demo game at Conquest, and then at Conquest last weekend. Photos taken of this game by Rodger Wood can be viewed on our Southern Strategists blog:

The Earl of Antrim's Foot regiment was recruited from witihin Ulster around the McDonnell lands and was a veteran unit by 1691. Its believed that the soldiers initially wore Highland dress and were poorly equipped when first raised but were later supplied with grey/white French uniforms. Figures are Front Rank and the superb flags are from Warfare Miniatures.

There is only limited information regarding uniforms of individual Jacobite units the during this period but the trend was that officers tended to wear red coats regardless of the coat colour of the rank and file. 

I intend to paint up another command stand with officers in grey coats for this unit so that I can use them as a French regiment as required.   

Pikemen were still being used by some regiments during this period, especially those armed with matchlocks, as they were handy in defending against cavalry.

Tyrconnel's Regiment of Horse was raised by Richard Talbot, Earl of Tyrconnel He was James ll's right-hand man in Ireland during the war and  led the Jacobite forces during the early campaigns. This regiment fought at the Boyne and was one of the veteran Jacobite cavalry regiments that slowed the Williamite infantry advance once it had crossed the river.

This is my first red-coated cavalry unit that contrasts with Galmoy's Horse dressed in grey/white. I liked the Warfare Miniatures flag for this regiment, which helped me decided what unit to paint up.   

I've mixed the figures up so that the unit has a less 'regimented' look by having some troopers with pistols and others with swords.

Tyrconnel's Horse have proved their worth is the two actions they have played out so far, especially in helping to destroying the Williamite Horse in the demo game at Conquest. Unfortunately, Antrim's Foot was forced to retire in both actions after suffering heavy casualties....or perhaps the fault lies with very poor dice throwing on my part!

I've currently got Dillon's Foot  regiment under the brush at present to help bolster the Jacobite infantry.

Until next time!     


  1. Excellent job on both units, but I must admit that Earl of Antrim's Foot regiment is awesome, a spectacular and very well done unit...Congrats!

  2. Great work on these guys Wayne. I thought the game at Conquest really looked fantastic!