Wednesday 17 August 2016

Irish Jacobite command stands

In honour of the family heritage of my 98 year-old grandmother who died last week, I thought it an appropriate time to post some images of my recently painted Irish Jacobite senior command stands. My grandmother's paternal grandparents were Irish Catholic farmers from County Tipperary who immigrated to New Zealand in the 1870s.

James ll himself, accompanied by a mounted ADC and standard bearer from his Foot Guards

These figures are from the 28 mm Front Rank 17th Century range

The flag is James's royal standard from Warfare Miniatures 

James's premature departure from Ireland after the battle of the Boyle earned him the sobriquet 'Seamus a caca,' meaning 'Seamus the Shit' in Gaelic. The Irish felt abandoned and betrayed by their king but still fought on to defend his kingdom with very little support from their French allies.   

I'm going to use this stand to represent my favourite Jacobite general, Sir Patrick Sarsfield, later known as Lord Lucan (not to be confused with the one who disappeared in the 1970s suspected of murdering his children's nanny).

I'm quite happy with how this grey horse turned out after dry-brushing with a few different tones of grey. The figure is listed as William of Orange in the figure range and I've modified the horse a wee bit.

I've taken the week off from work so hopefully I'll get some painting done and have photos of Antrim's regiment in a week or two.

Until next time! 


  1. Lovely work Wayne. Any chance we may finally get to see some action with these troops, you've been painting them for nearly as long as I've known you which must be at least 50 years...seams like it anyway. Hopefully you canm take some time out from painting for a gentlemany wargame with yours truly.

  2. What a splendid job, beautiful colors and great looking minis...a fantastic homage to your grandmother !