Saturday 16 January 2016

Napoleonic French Division/ Corps Commander

The last pieces of wargaming work I finished in 2015 consisted of a mounted Divisional/ Corps command stand and a couple of terrain pieces. I was short of a proper senior command stand for my 28mm French Peninsula army so I thought it wouldn't take me long to paint one up. How wrong I was. I had the Front Rank and Brigade Games figures undercoated for months before I got around to finishing them off. However, I'm happy with the final result which is loosely based on Soult and his ADCs. Apparently Marshal Soult had an ADC who wore a yellow coat that would have made him stand out on the battlefield. The terrain pieces consist of a scratch-built fenced field and a cemetery using headstones from 4Ground. I'm not totally happy with the look of the headstones which might need a bit more dry brushing in 'Stone wall grey' to get the desired look.
A French general and his staff observing a battle 

The yellow-coated ADC and the gemeral are from Front Rank, while the two ADCs to the right are from Brigade Games

A scratch-built fenced field intended for my AWI and ACW games

The new versatile cemetery using 4Ground headstones 

Until next time!


  1. Nothing wrong with that cemetery Wayne! Lovely work all round mate.