Thursday 7 January 2016

Jacobite dragoons - Lord Dongan's regiment in Ireland 1690

As it is the last day of my summer holiday I thought I would use the time to update my blog. Following on with my project to build a Jacobite force to defend King James's realm in Ireland, the dismounted troops of Lord Dongan's Regiment of Dragoons was the last completed unit to emerge from my painting table in 2015. I'm not far off completing the mounted stands for this unit and hope to have them ready by next week. The figures are by Front Rank and the flag is from the 'Warfare' range as can be seen on the superb 'League of Augsburg' website. The foliage is once again supplied by Rodger Wood Wargaming Enterprises. The basing is to that suggested in the 'Beneath the Lily Banner' rule set, with only 5 figures per base for dismounted dragoons compared to 6 for infantry. The Southern Strategists are planning to put on a demo game of the Williamite War in Ireland at the annual Conquest convention here in Christchurch in October, so I still have plenty of painting to do to ensure the Jacobites have a strong force to deal to the Protestant usurper, William of Orange. Apologies for the poor image quality as I was lazy and just used my wife's 'point and shoot' camera which I'm still learning to use properly.

There are only 2 stands for this unit's firing line, taking into account troops needed as horse-holders in the rear 

The command stand

The horse-holder stand represents the troops required to remain in the rear with the horses 

The senior mounted officer is not part of the unit and will be used to command a brigade

These are two spare figures that I thought would come in handy for defending buildings  I intend to make for the project 
     Until next time!


  1. Great result there Wayne! We will have to have some practice games when there are enough troops around!

  2. An excellent unit, looking forward to more of your project.

  3. Very nice job, love the little horse-holder's vignette...