Sunday 24 October 2021

SYW British Cobham's 10th Dragoons

I've had these 28mm Front Rank British SYW Cobham's 10th Dragoons waiting to be finished for some time...I think I undercoated them last Christmas! However, they are finally finished and ready to parade with the force I'm slowly putting together for my Seven Years War and '45 Projects. Along with Lord Mark Kerr's 11th Dragoons, Cobham's 10th Dragoons played a prominent part in the defeat of the Jacobites at Culloden, out flanking the enemy and ruthlessly pursuing Prince Charles's army when it routed.
Although I like the detail of Front Rank figures, which make them easy to paint, these dragoons in the rest pose are not as dynamic as the Flags of War SYW British dragoons that I currently have undercoated. I'm looking forward to seeing how they compare once painted. As ususal, I have used a GMB flag for this unit. Thanks for taking a look. Until next time.

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