Wednesday 18 August 2021

FIW Virginia Provincials

It is with some shame that I post these images of my latest unit to be dispatched from my painting table. I had these Warlord 28mm Provincials undercoated way back in the Christmas holidays, but it is only now that I finally got around to finishing them. The blokes who I game with (the Southern Strategists League of Gentlemen Wargamers) here in Christchurch are big on skirmish games, so that is why I have based these individually. I also have a similar sized unit of Warlord Highland infantry that was undercoated at the same time still waiting for completion. Maybe now that New Zealand is back in Level 4 Lockdown I will get a chance to polish these off as well.


  1. Lovely work on these- hope to see the Highlanders soon - even a L4 lockdown has a silver lining! I am still going to work but the usual hour plus commute is taking less than half that time!

  2. Very very nice Wayne! Now we just need to get out of lockdown so that we can play with them.