Saturday 23 April 2016

Making woodland terrain pieces

Inspired by some terrain pieces made by local gamers here in Christchurch, I decided to have a crack at improving on the woodland terrain pieces I made earlier in the year. My first go at doing this involved using Woodland Scenics trees purchased from a local model shop. These turned out ok, but I ended up having to use super glue to permanently attach the foliage. One of the other Southern Strategists (Geoff Martin) suggested a cheaper and less messy option which involved buying bulk bags of ready-made trees from our local Christmas shop. These trees came in various sizes and were perfect for what I had in mind.
As you can see, I cut out three 6 mm mdf pieces and glued on the ready-made trees and pieces of bark from our garden to represent rocks. 

Geoff and I had previously dipped the trees in watered-down PVA glue and sprinkled fine flock over them to get a more realistic look.

Using a variety of sizes on each stand also gives a more realistic look. At this point I applied filler around the base of the trees.

The next step was to add sand to the bases to provide texture to the ground.

This was followed by a base coat of dark brown 'tester pot' paint which cost only $5 NZ.

I then dry brushed the bases. At this stage I gave the pieces of bark a dark, then light coats of grey paint to give the rock affect. 

Finally I used a brush to apply PVA glue over the bases, followed by sprinkling hobby grass to add realism. Note that I left some areas exposed. 

I also added some  rushes and flower foliage to add a little extra to the terrain.

This proved a cheap and easy way to make versatile terrain for my gaming table. The only problem is that other gamers in the city had the same idea and bought up the last stock the shop had of the trees. Never mind, I'll be making more of these once they have more in stock...I just hope I don't have to wait until next Christmas!

Until next time.    


  1. Excellent work on the trees Wayne! Now we just need to have some games at your place so that we can use them.

    1. Thanks, Rodger. The Mess is always open for business, but it is good to give others the opportunity to host games...probably the silver lining from Gav temporarily losing his games rooms to his daughters.

    2. I am told that we will be back there in about 2 weeks!