Saturday 7 March 2015

French Arquebusiers de Grassin

I finished this unit a month or so back and thought it about time I included them on the blog. I must admit that it was the exotic name of the regiment/ legion that first inspired me to include them in my French army. I was looking for a foot unit that I could use as light infantry/ skirmishers as well being able to form them to fight in linear formation. Although the Arquebusiers de Grassin was only in existence from 1744 until 1749, playing a crucial role in the battle of Fontenoy, I figure I can get away with using them in SYW battles. These Front Rank figures proved ideal for depicting the regiment wearing the stylish Merliton hat, even if the gold- coloured fler de lys badge is not historically correct.



  1. Really nice. I've always loved this unit, as it was one of the regiments that caught my fancy about this period way back when I was a teenager reading those early wargaming books. But oddly enough, though, I have never added this unit to my army.

    1. Roly, it's never too late to add them! Maybe after you've finished the Anzac project. No doubt you'll be at the opening of the exhibition. Good to see that it's looking likely to be a permanent fixture in Wellington.

  2. Replies
    1. I need to fine tune my photography though. I used the wife's little pocket thingy for convenience but not great results.