Saturday 14 March 2015

54 mm Gallipoli Figures by the Perrys

On 18 April this year a new Great War exhibition is being opened in Wellington, New Zealand. The exhibition will last for the duration of the Great War centenary celebrations and it is very likely to become a permanent museum. This is a joint project sponsored by the NZ government and Sir Peter Jackson, with displays being created by Weta Workshop. Included in one of these displays depicting action at Gallipoli will be 4,000 54mm Turkish and Anzac figures made by Perry Miniatures. New Zealand wargamers have been recruited to paint these figures and I consider myself privileged to one of them. There have been issues with the distribution which meant that some blokes initially only received a few figures to paint up. My first five figures included 3 Turks and 2 Kiwis, which I have finished and returned. I love the poses which I'm sure will give a realistic portrayal of the action. Painters were supplied with a standard colour chart to follow, but I'm dubious about the accuracy of the Anzac webbing colour...although this doesn't detract from final result.
For more info check out the 'Mustering the Troops' blog at:        


  1. Great work there buddy! The Kiwis look really cool.

    1. Cheers! The Kiwis were my favourite figures to paint but the Turks were quicker to get finished. I'm just finishing off 10 Turk casualties tonight, with a bit of dry brushing left to do. I've got another 10 Kiwis to undercoat as well, but I can't see me getting 40 done by the deadline. I liked the way you photographed your Turks with the set up terrain, you made a great job of them!