Saturday 14 May 2011

AWI Black Powder game at the Redoubt

The British left flank advancing from Freeman's Farm to engage the rebels. All the 28mm figures are from Front Rank.
British grenadiers advancing and supported by light infantry, Royal Artillery and Hessian grenadiers. The farm house and fences were scratch built by Rodger Wood.

The 5th Foot advancing to the beat of the drum in parade ground fashion.

The British centre and left flank attacks engaging the rebels.  

The 42nd Foot (The Black Watch), supported by the 47th Foot, exchange volley fire with rebel militia.

The 5th Foot in melee with rebel militia.

My Royal Artillery supported by Dave Houston's superbly painted Hessian grenadiers.
Last week the Southern Strategists gathered together at their home base at the Redwood Redoubt after it had been out of commission for a number of weeks. In celebration an American War of Independence game based on Freeman's Farm was put on using the Black Powder rules. A full report of the game will eventually be posted on the Southern Strategists blog but I thought I would take the opportunity to post some of Gavin Bowden's images of my British troops in action. Although these guys are veterans of a number of battles over the years, they have only just been reformed after suffering considerable casualties as a result of the September 7.1 earthquake here in Christchurch. The troops had previously been based using Balsa, but the figures are now standing firm on MDF and have been flocked with my new system. A number of bayonets had to be super-glued back on, flags needed re-attaching, cannons needed re-assembling, officers needed remounting and most troops needed their uniforms touched up with a bit of paint, even though they had all received a coat of protective varnish when they were originally painted. I have still to re-base and re-mount the 17th Light Dragoons and Tarleton's British Legion Dragoons but that's not such a big job for me to do over the next few weeks.
I've been a bit slack in posting lately but I finally got back into painting after finishing my first Osprey title which proved quite time consuming.....more on that later. This week I've completed a mounted detachment of Empress Miniatures Natal Carbineers that I started painting way back in December last year! I'm also near completing two foot units of Renegade Dark Ages I can feel a photo shoot coming on to record the much unpainted lead, but so little time to fix it!       


  1. Very good stuff mate. Going to take more than being tossed around a room to stop these guys.

  2. Cheers, Rodger. There are plenty of shots from Gav's collection for a report on the Southern Strategists blog....I wonder if he's up to writing a report?

  3. Good looking battle Wayne, nicely done.

  4. Thanks, Scott. Hopefully, one of us will do a wee write-up of the game to put on the Southern Strategist blog. I'm not sure I'm the right person to do it as I felt like a traitor having to command a brigade of the rebels and my dispatch would probably favour the British,even though on the night they lost. It must be down to some kind of paternal feeling for my own painted troops that has me feeling this way.

  5. Lovely looking figures and set up. Looking forward to seeing more of the same.


  6. Very nice indeed! It's good to see such a fine array of well presented miniatures across well designed terrain!