Monday 5 December 2022

Hessian Regiment von Bose

After buying these 28mm Front Rank AWI Hessian musketeers way back in 2002 I finally got them painted during November. I've painted them as von Bose's regiment as this unit served almost everywhere during the American Revolution, including the southern campaigns which I hope to replicate on the gaming table sometime. The superb standards are by GMB Flags. I'll also be using this unit as part of my growing Hessian force to fight the French during the Seven Years War. I've also included a couple of images of a new Hessian command stand I put together using a couple of recycled second-hand Wargames Foundry Prussians depicting Fredrerick the Great and one of his generals, along with a Front Rank Prussian artillery officer. In my army the stand will represent either Ferdinand of Brunswick or a Hessian general.
Until next time!

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