Saturday 30 March 2019

Minor Projects in the Mess

It's been a while since my last post and that's mainly because my painting output has been on a 'go slow' of late. That's not say that I haven't been plodding along on my projects. I started painting a unit of French SYW hussars during the Christmas holidays and, sadly, they still have not been finished as the amount of white lace required has created a small psychological hurdle that I'm yet to get over...maybe this week will see them completed. However, I have managed to finish a couple of minor projects along the way. I've put together a couple of 4Ground American Frontier two-storey cabins that will see plenty of action in my FIW, AWI and ACW campaigns. I've also painted up a couple of single-based characters as quick-to-paint side projects as a distraction from painting big units. These include a mounted Hessian general and a Jacobite artillery stand for my '45 project.
The completed 4Ground cabins with added mdf bases

This represents a French (Canadian) style cabin with the planks mounted vertically

This cabin is built in the style used by British colonial settlers with horizontal planking

A freshly painted Front Rank Hessian general. I must remind myself to brush away all the loose grass fibres that collected on the model before applying the protective varnish next time.

Front Rank Jacobite artillery ready for action. The cannon is a re-cycled second hand item, very much like the artillery the Jacobites used in the early actions of the '45. 

The cabins under construction with other projects in the background

Another wee side project that I've nearly finished is working on increasing the number of tree stands for my games. The cheapest and most practical trees I've found have come from our local Christmas Shop here in Christchurch. The tree on the right is how they are when first purchased, while the one on the left looks more realistic after it has been dipped in a solution of  watered down PVA and then sprinkled with grass flock. All I have to do now is paint the bases and mount them.

Until next time!


  1. Lovely buildings...and this Jacobite artillery is awesome, impressive additions!

  2. Nice looking collection of bits and pieces - you have done a great job on the "Christmas" trees too!