Saturday 12 September 2015

18th Century Supply Wagons

Quite a few years back I bought some Front Rank wagons to use with my 18th Century armies. At that time it was usual to hire civilian contractors to do the general cartage of supplies, meaning that I could use these wagons and drivers with any of my armies of that period. The years went by and I kept saying to myself that I must paint them up...and of course that never happened, until a few weeks back when I finally made an effort. They were quick and easy to paint, and a welcoming distraction from painting up battalions-size units. I've still got a couple more to do, but these first two models are a start.

     Until next time!


  1. Always a pleasure to look at this kind of unit on our tables, and you've done an excellent job on them...

  2. They are bloody fantastic mate!

  3. I am impressed with those Wayne