Saturday 21 December 2013

SYW painting

It certainly has been some time since I've posted anything on the blog and I thought I should get at least one more entry in before the end of the year. For most of the year I've been concentrating on revamping my PhD thesis which meant my unpainted lead mountain still remains. However, that didn't mean I didn't get any painting or gaming done. Below are a few photos of my latest painting projects, together with some images of other wargaming adventures during the latter half of the year. The wargaming highlight of 2014  was participating in the 150th 28mm Gettysburg refight held in Christchurch in July. Seamus and I represented Confederat general Robert Rodes in attacking Cemetery Hill. Sadly our division got torn to shreds, and like a good Mill & Boon character, our troops 'lay spent' on the open fields in front of the hill. Hopefully we'll do much better in the Antietam refight in 2014.
Seamus and I contemplating our losses attacking Cemetery Hill 

The surviving Confederate and Union commanders at the end of the Gettysburg refight 

My latest completed painting project - Front Rank British SYW 11th Dragoons. Rodger Wood made the foliage that really lifts the final result.    

28mm Brigade Games Napoleonic French naval officers

28mm Brigade Games Royal Navy officers and bosun

25mm Dixon Roger's Rangers

A mixture of Dixons and Front Rank 25/ 28mm figures that I've painted up as French coureur du bois and militia.


I've just about finished Dillon's Regiment of the French Irish Brigade which will be the subject of my next posting (hopefully before the new year...fingers crossed!).


  1. That's some very fine work you have turned out there Wayne! I spotted the Navel guys at your place the other week, very nice they are!

  2. Great figs all around. I've seen the Dixon figs before, they look great and seem to mix very well with the Front Rank figs. In fact, I like the muskets on the Rangers better than the Front Rank ones - which are a bit stubby. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice paintwork, Wayne! I especially love the naval officers - perfect for 'Sharp Practice' games.

    Could you possibly send me an email? I've lost your email address, and Scott Bowman wants to contact you.

    Cheers, Roly