Monday 15 August 2011

25mm North American buildings

Christchurch is in the grips of a polar snow storm today, with businesses and schools closed. This meant that there was little chance of me getting any writing done with my wife and kids home for the day as well. The silver lining was that it gave me an opportunity to introduce my 9-year-old son to painting terrain. He has been keen to start painting paint figures but I thought he could start by undercoating some stone walls that have been languishing unpainted for a number of years. A wargaming colleague from Wellington has a teenage son who does the basic painting of his figures, and if I'm ever to see the end of my lead mountain then I will eventually follow the same path.
This afternoon I also photographed some 25mm North American building that I finished painting in the last couple of weeks. I 'rescued' them second-hand from one of my fellow Southern Strategists who had them for sale in the annual wargaming swap-meet here in the 'garden city.' I think they were originally purchased from Military Miniatures in Auckland and designed by Mark Strachan. When I received them they were in a semi-painted state and gave the appearance of being from a long-forgotten project that had died through lack in interest. So, one man's junk became another man's treasure.

After a new black under-coat, a top coat and then some dry some basic flocking...they were ready to make an appearance in any future AWI or ACW games. The general store, log cabin and barn are smaller than the Hovels buildings that I have for the same periods but should be ok if placed together as a small hamlet or farm.    


  1. nice job on the refit!


  2. Cheers, Matt. A fairly basic paint job that looks better due to the detail provided by the designer.

  3. Fantastic Wayne. We just need to organise a game so that we can use them.

  4. I must say I like what the decorators have done with your buildings Stackforth old thing.

  5. Great looking buildings, I really like they way you've painted them.

  6. Thanks for the kindly comments guys, but my painting only brought out the detail that was provided in the sculpting. If Mark Strachan was to produce more buildings for sale I would be one of best customers.

  7. These are very nice buildings, and well sized too. I'm really looking forward to your Osprey being released!

    Best wishes