Sunday, 31 December 2017

Hovels 25mm ACW/AWI barn

As a continuation of the revamp of my 25mm Hovels buildings, the attached photos are of my ACW/ AWI barn which I have recently adapted with a small coral. This was a fairly simple project which only required a 3mm sheet of MDF for the base, a length of round dowel for the fence posts, match sticks for the planks and PVA to glue it all together. The most expensive item was the Woodland Scenic tree that I added to give more depth to the completed project.

The foliage was once again supplied by Rodger Wood of Rebel Barracks fame. There are a couple of touch-ups required to the base, but overall I'm pretty happy how this turned out, especially the little gate that I made for it. This is my last completed project for 2017 but I have a couple more near completion which I hope to finish over the festive season holidays. Best wishes to you all for 2018!

Until next time.     


  1. Yes, nicely done. The hay bales make it look used rather than abandoned.