Sunday, 12 May 2019

SYW French Bercheny Hussars

After four and half months I've finally finished my SYW Bercheny Hussars project! I started this unit way back in the Christmas holidays, but for some reason I procrastinated with then and was enticed away to other small side projects. I think it was the thought of painting all that white lace type stuff that put me off. I got the Front Rank figures for this unit in a second-hand bulk buy of some poorly painted troops (minus horses) at the local wargaming swap-meet a couple of years ago. After a soak in some nappy cleaning solution I was able to discard with the old enamel paint and prepare them for re-painting, but I needed to purchase some new Front Rank horses to go with them.
Although the figures are actually SYW Prussian Hussars, I decided that with the Mirleton felt cap that they could pass for a French hussars unit if you don't look too hard. The bugler is not in the historical regular dress of the Bercheny Hussars, but I can live with that.
The bulk buy of poorly painted figures from the local swap-meet from which the troops from the new unit originally come from. The rest will probably end as Hessian and Hanoverian hussars.

The newly painted, but not totally historically correct, French Bercheny Hussars.

The officers of this unit were distinguishable from the troops by wearing red trousers

Although not quite fitting the historical dress of the buglers of this unit, I think this bloke fits in nicely with his feathered hackle on his Mirleton cap.

The flag may not be historically correct either, but it was the closest I could get from the GMB flag French SYW cavalry range. It is marketed as a dragoon guidon, but I think it looks the part. 

I'm quite happy with the look obtained by using shading washes on the faces, followed by touching up the highlights afterwards. To be honest, at my age I'm just happy to be able to see such detail.

Until next time!


  1. That is a cracking looking unit Wayne.

  2. Very nice indeed - stunning blue colour on the uniform, set off by the bright red facings!

  3. Very handsome unit in its striking blue and red uniform. Nice!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments, guys. Considering they were mongrels ( a bit like me) I'm reasonably happy how they turned out. However, the most important thing is how they perform on the wargaming table...especially if I'm commanding the French.

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