Sunday, 24 August 2014

AWI / SYW Hessian Infantry

Its been a while but I finally got around to posting some images of two freshly repainted 28mm Front Rank AWI regiments. Apart from the command figures, these units were bought second-hand at a local wargaming swap-meet a few years ago. Their original old enamel paint job was rubbish, so I've stripped them and painted them up to represent Fusilier Regiments von Ditfurth and Erbprinz. The superb GMB flags really bring these units to life.Thanks to Rodger Wood for taking some of these photos which I've pinched from our Southern Strategists blog. These units will be part of my AWI Hessian brigade, but I reckon I can also get away with using them for my Seven Years War project as well. Until next time.....
Regt von Ditfurth (yellow facings) in action with Hessians and Royal artillery -Image by Rodger Wood

Fusilier Regts von Ditfurth and Erbprinz in action with Royal artillery - Image by Rodger Wood
Fusilier Regt Erbprinz

Fusilier Regt von Ditfurth supported by the Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot)

As yet unnamed Hessian general, but thinking of naming him something like von Smallhausen or von Fleihofen...a little bit of inspiration from 'Allo, Allo.'


  1. My vote is for von Smallhausen!! Great work here Wayne!

  2. Just had another idea for a name...what about General Schnitzel von Krumm ? I'm sure you would have remembered that name from reading the Hairy McClary books to your wee fella.

    1. I do recall that name. Excellent choice!

  3. Beautiful figures - they look grand together.

  4. They look great, beautiful paint job!

  5. Fine figurines, very well painted!
    I too would realize battalions of Hessians with Front Rank SYW Prussians.
    Thanks, I have shown that it is possible.
    Merry Christmas!